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If you love adventure, food, and family and wish to learn more about the Grenadian culture, Home Hospitality is the place to be. As a family-oriented, agro-tourism company we value quality, transparency, leadership, and sustainability. 

Our main attraction is our Interactive Cooking Class and Farm-to-Table Dining experience where guests learn how to cook using local Grenadian Herbs & Spices. Customers can choose to learn traditional favourites like Oildown and Roti or be more spontaneous and cook a Creole style meal using the seasonal produce available from our Homestead.

Learn the tools, skills, and techniques used in our local dishes so you can take the knowledge you learn with us, and apply it to your cooking once you leave.

Sustainable Agriculture

One of our primary goals is to help sustain the Grenadian Agriculture Industry by providing a source for farm-fresh seasonal crops. We only use sustainable and environmentally friendly practices when growing, harvesting and packaging our produce.

Grenadian Culture

We make a conscious effort to maintain aspects of Grenadian culture that are slipping away; traditions practiced on cultural holidays, recipes of local traditional favourites. Providing a fun activity for all members of the family that appeal to both the domestic and tourism markets.

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Culinary Experiences

Event Hosting & Catering

Hosting and catering for small scale private events

Cultural Experiences

Authentic cultural and culinary activities

Cooking Classes

Interactive and enjoyable cooking instruction

Team Building Exercises

Chopped-style culinary group activities

Onshore Excursions

For cruise passengers seeking cultural experiences

Do You Want to Learn About Authentic Grenadian Culture & Cuisine?

We provide safe, fun, family-friendly and interactive culinary activities for curious and adventurous visitors and locals


“Local chef Kennedy is what really made the tour so very special. Such a warm & welcoming person. The setting helped as well – it was so nice to be invited into someone’s home as a guest for this experience! It was a pleasure & and honor to be in a beautiful Grenadian home, with amazing views off of the veranda. Chef Kennedy taught us how to make the classic Grenadian dish, oildown, as well as callaloo soup, and fish cakes & callaloo fritters for appetizers. I don’t know how he managed to show us so much, except that he was very well prepared for our arrival.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about our services?

Do you do delivery?

Yes – $5 XCD / $2 USD to the Town of St. George’s and $10 XCD / $ 4 USD to the Grand Anse area.

Are you open on holidays?

 Only on the ones where we are hosting a Cultural Experience.

What days are we at the farm?

Every day. The farm is behind our house. However, for tours we would prefer people choose times between 9 AM – 6 PM on any days excluding Monday & Friday.

What days do we cook?

Catering and Culinary Experiences; cooking classes, team building workshops (chopped style), and small private events can be booked by reservation. We also hold a few annual cultural events, including but not limited to: Independence, Easter, Emancipation, & Christmas.

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Fun for the entire Family! Join us in our Home to enjoy remarkable Grenadian Cuisine
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